Non Human Engineering Works of Southeast Egypt

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As much like Peru there are numerous alien sites and fields that are located in the Sahara desert of Egypt and this book Non Human Engineering Works of Southeast Egypt is Part 1 of 2 that is a book specifically focused on the desert on the east bank of Lake Nasser some 8 miles south east of the ancient desert town of Abu Simbel. A town which has the distinction of having the world’s first ever university, some 6,000 years ago.
Consisting of 38,375 words and containing 383 photographs of specific alien sites ultimately it is left to the reader to make their own decision as to the validity of my outlined cases by simply copying and pasting the given geographical coordinates into your Google Earth programme and seeing and exploring for yourself.  Included also are the statistical measurements pertinent to each site given.


Non Human Engineering Works of Southeast Egypt​ Contents

Alien vessels … 1-19
The Dock … 19-30
Storage facilities … 30-42
Aliens on the road/channel … 43-51
Rest boxes … 52-53
Storage facilities … 55-61
Rest boxes … 63-67
Grid dynamics … 67-80
Aliens at work … 81-93
The large storage pod … 93-96
The road/channel north and how central lines are constructed … 97-101
Alien villages … 102-110
Aliens on islands … 111-119
Grid dynamics and their field workers … 120-132
The depot … 132-137
The storage complex … 138-144
Vehicles … 145-151
From below the desert floor … 152-174
The alien border with Sudan … 174-177
Grids and rest boxes … 177-183


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