The Concise Anatomy and Physiology of Gods

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The Concise Anatomy and Physiology of Gods outlines in detail the British State and military funeral of King George the 5th on the 28th January 1936. A funeral of which Kings, Queens, Crown Princes, European and Middle East leaders, Prime Ministers, Ambassadors  and military  leaders were all present at Saint Georges Chapel in Windsor Castle not to eulogise the British King but to worship their god, Nimrod and his family.
Present also at the funeral was the ghost and spirit of Pharaoh Tutankhamun who was accompanied by five ancient Egyptian gods.
Containing 84,000 words and 493 photographs the author guides the reader through the deliberate and premeditated scams of controlling the human population by families who worship and are controlled by ancient Babylonian gods 




The Concise Anatomy and Physiology of Gods Contents

... Pages 1-8 Chapter 1

Chapter 1.
Pharaoh Tutankhamun at the West Door of Saint Georges Chapel

… Pages 9-20 Chapter 2

Chapter 2.
11am – Above the Royal Vault 
… Pages 21-39 Chapter 3

Chapter 3.
The Interring of the Royal Coffin

Pages 40-53 Chapter 4

Chapter 4.
Defenders of the Faith

… Pages 54-67 Chapter 5

Chapter 5.
The Doors Tes-khabit-tuati and Tes-am-mit-em-sheta-f

… Pages 68-79

Chapter 6.
An Introduction to Five Egyptian Gods of the Dead and their Use of Circle Doors 1st Sighting

Pages 80-85

Chapter 7.
An Introduction to Five Egyptian Gods of the Dead and their Use of Circle Doors 2nd Sighting 1st Posture Position The first 1/30th of 1 second

… Pages 86-112

Chapter 8.
The 3rd Sighting. 1st 1/30th of 1 second. The entry of Taumatef, Ra, Hapi, Qebbsennuf and Mestha

… Pages 113-117

Chapter 9.
The 4th Sighting. 1st 1/30th of 1 second. Entry

… Pages 120- 133 Chapter 10

Chapter 10.
The Doors and Hours of the Dead
… Pages 134-141 Chapter 11

Chapter 11.
The Haggle Between the Tribes and Egypt

... Pages 142-161

Chapter 12.
The 10 Commandments According to Egypt

… Pages 162-166

Chapter 13.
The Ark of the Covenant

… Pages 167-202

Chapter 14.
The Colossi of Memnon
… Pages 203-222

Chapter 15.
Other Sightings

… Pages 223-235

Chapter 16.
The Anatomy of Egyptian Gods

… Pages 236-259

Chapter 17.
The Physiology of Egyptian Gods

… Pages 260-281

Chapter 18.
Upon and Below the Surface of Planet Earth

Pages 282-290


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